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In our central divisions, we ensure that the best minds are recruited and developed, that finance and investments are managed and, as such, that the continuous development of our company is strategically driven forward.

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Chiara Euler

„Employees become entrepreneurs with us“

Florian Fehr

„The door opens completely by itself“

Maaz Khan 

„We’ve done a crazy amount of projects “

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Product & Design

At Viessmann, designers and product managers work closely together to create rigorously user-centred, climate-friendly hardware and software.

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Marketing & Sales

In the marketing and sales divisions, user and data-driven marketing works hand in hand with an international network of interdependencies and sales structures in 120 countries worldwide.

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Customer Service & Logistics

Having been awarded Specialist Partner of the Year in our industry on many occasions, our colleagues from customer care and logistics know just how important it is for outstanding products to be supported with outstanding service.

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Technology & Data 

From machine construction to machine learning, our teams in Berlin, Breslau and Allendorf are the pioneers in a revolution that has now encompassed the whole company. This inspires agile, iterative and data-driven work.

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